Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Object Assignment

Despite the current batch of warmer temps we’ve gotten, it’s still winter, so it’s too cold to go outside and shoot, right? Don’t think that gets you off the hook!
I am hereby challenging you all to find random everyday objects around your household and come up with some great shots!


This is an exercise that challenges you to find interesting photographs using everyday objects around your house. Head to

To get a random object to photograph. If you don't have or like the object, refresh the page for a new one!

Try a wide variety of shots of the subjects using some of my suggestions below.

Here are some ideas:
GROUPING-If you have an object that you have a lot of, say marbles or coat hangers, try a shot of a grouping or pile of them.
LENSES-If you have a macro or close up filters, use them to get extremely close to a subject and make it more abstract.
ANGLES-Try shooting the subject at different angles. Look down into a box of straws, shoot up into a sink faucet.
LIGHT-Experiment with photographing the subject under different types of light.
Use direct light from the sun coming in the window, or a bare bulb of a lamp, or try diffused light from soft window light, bounce flash, or a shaded lamp.
SHUTTER SPEEDS-Try using slow shutter speeds with moving subjects to create interesting blur(like my slinky!)
ZOOMING, PANNING, ROTATING-Use slow shutter speeds (1/15th or slower) and intentional camera movement to create interesting images.
APERTURES/DEPTH OF FIELD-Try shallow depth of field(small aperture number-ex F4.5) to focus on a particular part of the subject.